Introduction to Aikido & Beginners' Program

Ishiyama Sensei, VWA Chief Instructor

There are three facets to the beginners' programs. We offer a free one-class drop in on the last Monday of each month, except holidays. We also offer a special two-week Introduction to Aikido Program in September and January (see Announcements for the dates). Finally, beginners who join Vancouver West Aikikai and practice on a habitual basis take our normal beginners classes on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. As they gain in confidence they move into the Regular program.

Vancouver West Aikikai offers classes at the West Point Grey Community Centre. Please see our class schedule and fees.

Sharon Bader, VWA instructor

The focus of the beginners class will be on Ukemi (receiving of techniques), Taisabaki (body movements) and Kihon Waza (fundamental techniques).

Beginners will train and progress together each term (i.e., fall, winter, spring, and summer terms). Those who have practiced for at at least 60 days and are deemed ready by instructor will be encouraged to test for the 5th Kyu, the first rank in Aikido; more information on ranking and testing in Aikido can be found here.

Please note, anyone wishing to start in the beginner class needs to wear appropriate attire:

  • Loose fitting clothing (such as sweats) with long sleeves and long pants. The clothing should cover both the knees and elbows.
  • Jewellery should not be worn.
  • If you have a gi (judo or karate style uniform) you can wear that, as long as it is white top and bottom, with a white belt. The gi should have no patches or insignias.
  • Please refer to our proper etiquette guide for the dojo.

Please contact us for more information.