Why practice Aikido?

Aikido is a way of personal development through a traditional Japanese martial art. Aikido is often translated as the Art of Peace, and described as the Meditation in Motion. The purpose of this art is to bring balance to one's mind and body, and by extension to promote peace and harmony in the world. Studying Aikido teaches one how to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner by harmonising with an attacker's force to neutralise it. This art is so vast and deep that one can continue studying it for many years, always discovering something new! Since Aikido is based on working with universal energy (KI) rather than relying on muscle strength, individuals of any fitness level can practice.

``The Path is exceedingly vast. From ancient times to the present, even the greatest sages were unable to perceive and comprehend the entire truth; the explanations and teachings of masters and saints only express part of the whole. It is not possible for anyone to speak of such things in their entirety – just head for the light and heat, learn from the gods, and through the virtue of devoted practice become one with the divine. Seek enlightenment along the edge.'' – Morihei Ueshiba

dojo announcements

class schedule over the holidays

December 2, 2022

The dojo class schedule for December:

  • Dec 3: no class
  • Dec 5, 7, 10, and 12: classes as usual (with Fr Landry giving his blessings to the dojo on Dec 10, at 10:20 am)
  • Dec 14: a class by Ishiyama Sensei
  • Dec 17: class as usual
  • Dec 19: the last class of the year (combined class 6-7:15 pm, with testing, and a potluck party at Liz's after the class)

The dojo will be taking a winter break from Dec 20 to Jan 1. Our first class in the new year will be a combined class on Mon, Jan 2, 2023, 6:30 - 7:45 pm.

aikido testing

October 31, 2022

Congratulations to Jim Callaghan and Will Welch on passing their 2nd kyu tests, and to Hector Moncada Hernandez on passing his shodan test! Well done, Jim, Will, and Hector!

Ongoing classes at VWA Dunbar

September 30, 2022

We are continuing with Aikido classes at VWA Dunbar three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday). We are offering both basics classes (aimed at beginners) and regular classes (for all levels). New members (of any experience level) are always welcome! Please see the class schedule and our policies below.

The address of the dojo is 3778 West 28th Avenue (which is the parish address), but the actual gym is in the next building west (and the gym entrance is halfway between the 28th Ave and the 29th Ave). Please look for us! There is plenty of street parking on the 28th and 29th Avenues.

See you on the mats!

SFU Aikikai logo

VWA-affiliated SFU Aikikai dojo at SFU Burnaby

September 20, 2022

SFU Aikikai (a VWA-affiliated dojo, with Valentine Kabanets Sensei as the head instructor) continues to offer Aikido classes, starting Sept 20, 2022. The emphasis of these classes is on the Aikido basics. Beginners are especially welcome!

The classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-8 pm, at SFU Burnaby Gym (Central Gym).

You can register through SFU Athletics and Recreation using this link .

VWA New West

January 21, 2022

Please register on line via this link , or by phone (604) 777-5100. Please see the schedule & fees section below for more details.

Upcoming Aikido Seminars

date instructor title place
Dec 10, 2022 Kim Riddick & Steve Erickson Senseis North Delta Aikikai 5th Anniversary Seminar Squamish, BC
Dec 17-18, 2022 George Hewson & Scott Macphail Senseis Agatsu Aikido Montreal Annual Seminar Montreal, QC

VWA Dunbar [main dojo]

3778 West 28th Avenue, Vancouver

VWA New West [branch dojo]

Centennial Community Centre, 65 East Sixth Avenue, New Westminster

SFU Aikikai [VWA-affiliated dojo]

Lorne Davies Complex (Central Gym), Simon Fraser University, Burnaby

Vancouver West Aikikai, c/o E.M. McKinlay, 3927 West 29th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6S 1V2

class schedule

day times level location instructor
Mon 18:00–19:00 basic VWA Dunbar Megan Sekiya Sensei
Mon 19:15–20:45 all levels VWA Dunbar Valentine Kabanets Sensei
Tue 18:00–20:00 all levels SFU Aikikai Valentine Kabanets Sensei
Wed 18:00–19:00 basic VWA Dunbar Megan Sekiya Sensei
Wed 19:15–20:45 all levels VWA Dunbar Valentine Kabanets Sensei
Thu 18:00–20:00 all levels SFU Aikikai Valentine Kabanets Sensei
Fri 19:45–21:00all levels VWA New West Ramin Arvin Sensei
Sat 10:30–12:00 all levels VWA Dunbar Valentine Kabanets Sensei

NOTE: On statutory holiday Mondays, we have a single combined class (for all levels), 6:30-7:45 pm.

Classes at VWA Dunbar are taught by our Chief Instructor Ishiyama Sensei whenever he is in town.

See this VWA notice regarding our COVID policy.


program @ VWA Dunbar period amount
gainfully employed adults
(students, unemployed, retired)
monthly $100 ($60)
  4 months $360 ($200)
intro six classes Jan or Sep $80
drop in one class $20

For the full program at VWA New West, the fees are to be paid directly to the Centennial Community Centre via this link.
The students registered at VWA New West only, or at VWA Dunbar only, may take classes at the other VWA dojo, paying a drop-in fee of $10 per class.

For the program at SFU Aikikai, please register directly with SFU Recreation. The same drop-in arrangmement applies to SFU Aikikai students.

Basic policies

Beginners and visitors are welcome. Drop-in visitors will be required to sign a waiver at the dojo before practising. Please observe proper etiquette and adhere to the dojo Code of Conduct .

All dojo members are required to pay Canadian Aikido Federation and BC Aikido Federation annual dues.

New members must complete and sign a membership form and waiver . This may be done on arrival at the dojo, or you may save time by completing the form online and either printing it or emailing it to us.

The children's classes use a different membership form and waiver , which must be completed by parents before their children join the classes.

Exceptions to these policies will be considered on an individual basis (see Sensei before the class).

Payment methods

cash or cheque at the dojo

e-transfer (preferred) to pay2vwa@gmail.com

via PayPal


VWA 2018 spring seminar & 2020 outdoor classes